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Remote Monitoring System

Before speaking on remote monitoring system, let us have a look on today scenario on industry.
Current Scenario:

  • Machine Manufacturer used to install costly and heavy equipments at customer plant.
  • Customer used to install costly and heavy equipments at their plants.
  • This machine must be operated within specified parameters in order to achieve desired performance, production targets and cost control.
  • Traditional monitoring methods require on-site personnel visit and analysis, with periodic OEM engineering support.

Problem Statement:

  • Traditional monitoring methods do not provide real time data of plant to manufacturer as well as client.
  • Sudden failure, shut down plant are the result of it, which effect to plant owner.
  • In case of complaint, service engineer has to visit at site independent of type and size of problem, which take time and money, important is during this period plan is shut down, which is effecting the revenue to plant owner.
  • Multiple times, source of problem is not confirmed, which leads to unhealthy relations between machine manufacture and plant owner.
  • Loss due to shutdown of plant is huge.

Our Solution:
We develop Remote Monitoring Solutions to overcome this problem. Independent on industry whether it is process industry where you are using the boiler or dairy industry where you are using the chillers, it can be used everywhere to get data and send to cloud and notify to people as selected by you.
How It works:
In our solution, gateway will collect the data from sensors directly or indirectly, process it and send to cloud. Parameters, like frequency, events, data size etc can be customized for sending to cloud. Cloud may be Amazon, Azure or your private cloud / server or any other. From cloud you will get notification about events. You can see your data directly at cloud / server at any time. Gateway can also configure to get critical event to your mobile directly in form of SMS.
It can be also connected with actuators / out devices, so it can perform full automation with remote monitoring. Ofcouse output devices will depend on type of industry.
Gateway can be programmed for diagnostic purpose. So later on, it can be used for self diagnostic and predictive maintenance.

Time is Money Avert Disaster Cut Costs
RMDS eliminates the need for regular maintenance checkups. With it you can see what your system is doing in real time, at any time, from anywhere. Its Alarm notifications immediately inform you if any problems arise with your system, making system monitoring and optimizing as easy as eating ready cake. System failure can cost thousands of dollars if not dealt with immediately. With RMDS alarm notifications you are informed instantly via SMS or email, if any problems arise with your system, saving you money, frustration, and unhappy clients. Using historical data of system, you can optimize your system/machine performance. These optimizations allow for energy savings and as a result reduce the cost of heating your building. In a nutshell saving you money throughout the year.

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