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PCB Design

Mishi Solutions provides custom Hardware design and board design services. We provide extensive design check lists, quick turn-around, and design support for mechanical enclosure fabrication.
A printed circuit board (PCB) acts as a mechanical support for electronics components and additionally provides electrical connectivity to components on-board using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets. PCBs can be single-layer ( having one copper layer), double layer ( having two copper layers) or multi-layered. PCBs contain passive components such as capacitors, resistors, inductor etc and active components such as application specific ICs, microcontrollers, FPGA, transistors etc as per the application requirements.
Now a days, PCB are going advance and being on multiple layers. Apart from this it also need high speed design, mixed signal design. It also need to perform many simulation and analysis such as signal integrity, stress analysis, heat analysis and many others.
PCB Engineering requires identification of feasibility issues during early stages of design and expertise to effectively fix the same.
We deal in various aspects of Hardware designing and PCB designing.
Our service offerings include:

  • Support wide Range of Processor / Microcontroller / SoC
  • Component Selection
  • Schematic and PCB design
  • Design of analog/RF/high speed digital, mixed signal & high power PCBs
  • Design for EMI/EMC control
  • DFM, DFT and DXF
  • Design Simulation and Analysis
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Validation and Testing
  • Design flow implementation
  • System Integration and Testing
  • Compliance and Certification
  • Support for Volume Manufacturing & Testing

The segments we cater to include Automotive, Network Telecom, Wireless, Consumer Electronics, Instrumentation, and Process Control.

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