IoT and Embedded Training starting from 8th Sept.

Clients & Alliances

MISHI SOLUTIONS keeps ahead in analyzing industry trends and can rapidly develop value-added applications that enhance the competitiveness of our customers. The challenge of meeting the needs of such a demanding and dynamic environment keeps us at the cutting edge in research and development in semiconductor and embedded systems domains. At MISHI SOLUTIONS we are driven by our passion for technology and are additionally are deep-rooted in domain knowledge, to deliver new and advantageous solutions to our clients.

As a worthy innovation partner, MISHI SOLUTIONS has the potential to empower you to dream, design and create. Quite literally, creating a portmanteau of technology, imagination, quality, security, quality and trust is what we keep trying to do. Our strategic planning and stepwise implementation of available resources, tools and techniques lead to a win-win situation for all our clients, alliances and us.

While engaging with our clients we have always demonstrated our ability to adapt, understand and consistently out-perform ourselves. We are open to suggestions at any point of time during the entire span of a project, which helps foster a transparent and receptive relationship with clients and customers, irrespective of the fact whether they be a well-established organization or a start-up.

Mishi Solutions is currently executing turn-key projects for clients in the following segments :


  • Wireless Communications (GSM / CDMA / LTE / WiFi / Bluetooth)
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical electronics
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Home automation
  • Industry Automation
  • Smart Automotives


Mishi Solutions is in the process of developing several strategic alliances and partnerships in its embedded domain ranging from semiconductor chip manufacturers, board manufacturers, electronic component suppliers, etc to embedded software developers and tools vendors. Our rigorous efforts translate into quality-driven results for our clients. Together we strive to empower people build a better world with a better connected society

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