IoT and Embedded Training starting from 8th Sept.

Academic Projects

We help student to design and develop projects. We offers below:


Using Chips / Boards Using Sensors For
Processors / controllers Environment: Temperature and Humidity Sensor M.E/M.Tech. Students
STM / NXP / TI/ PIC Motion sensor: Ultrasonic and PIR sensor B.E/B.Tech Students
ARM based controller Health: Heart Beat and blood pressure Sensor Diploma Students
8051 based controller Displacement: Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor Project Guidance
Raspberry Pi  3 / Arduino Boards Other sensors like: LDR, Pressure sensors, Gas sensors Project Training


Our offered projects in past:
We have offered a lot of projects in past. Some of them are below:

  • GSM Technology Based Patient Monitoring System
  • Mobile Communication based Home Automation System
  • Monitoring of Fully Centralized and Automatic Transport System
  • 8051 Microcontroller based Drunken Driving Avoid System for Automobiles
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring On Android Phone Over Bluetooth
  • Internet based Home Automation System
  • Sensor Data Monitoring on Android Phone
  • Arduino based Gas Leakage Detection Using MQ6 Gas Sensor
  • Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
  • Implementation of Drip Irrigation System by Using Embedded System Applications
  • Automatic irrigation System on Sensing Soil Moisture Content
  • GPS Technology Based Office Cab Monitoring and Controlling System
  • Single Door Bi-directional Counter Based Automatic Room Light Switcher
  • Graphical LCD and GPS Based Implementation of Location Advertisement System
  • Accident Information System by Using GPS Technology
  • Monitoring and Controlling of Temperature Humidity Network by Using Raspberry Pi Board
  • Remote Controlled Robotic Vehicle by Using Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • PIC16F84A Microcontroller Based Telephone Operated remote Control System
  • Energy Conversation system for Corporate Computers and Lighting Systems Using PIR Sensors
  • Doppler Radar Effect Interfaced with ATMEGA16 Microcontroller for Accident Detection and Avoidance System
  • PIC Microcontroller Based Synchronized Traffic Signals at Various Junctions
  • I-Button Technology Based Paperless E-Cash Management System
  • Remote Operated Home Appliances Switching by Using Android Mobile Application
  • Remote Speed Control of Direct Current Motor by Android Application
  • Remote Active Current Power Control by Android Application with LCD Display
  • Android Application Based Railway Level Gate Operation Remotely
  • Remotely Programmable Sequential Load Process by Using Android Application
  • Vehicle Theft Intimation to the Owner on His Cell phone by Using GSM Technology
  • GSM Technology Based Monthly Energy Billing System and SMS on GSM with User Programmable Number Features together with Onsite Display to the User
  • Smart Card Based Security Access Control System
  • Wireless Message Communication System between Two Personal Computers
  • Remote Monitoring of 3 Parameters on Transformer/Generator Health with Voice Announcement and Wireless Personal Computer Interface by Using XBEE Module
  • GSM Communication Based Petrol Bunk Automation with Prepaid Card System
  • ARM Based Environment Monitoring and Device Controlling by Using Embedded Controlled Sensor Network
  • Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System
  • Single Chip Microcontroller Based Wireless Real-time LED Display Control System
  • Zigbee Technology Based Two-Way Wireless Data Message System for Rural Areas
  • Zigbee Technology Based Wireless Surveillance and Safety System for Mine Workers
  • Zigbee, GSM and TCP/IP Protocol Based Design of Household Control System
  • Wireless Digital Control and Monitoring System for Light Emitting Diode Lighting Based on AVR Microcontroller and Zigbee Module.
  • Zigbee Communication Technology Based Communication Development Interface of AC Charging for Charging Station
  • Implementation and Designing of Embedded Systems by Using Dual Horn with Wireless Technology
  • RF Communication Based Wireless Electrical Apparatus Controlling System
  • Wireless Sensor Network Based Flood Monitoring of Distribution Substation
  • Attendance System for Institutions and Two Way Circular System by Using Zigbee Tree Topology Network
  • ARM Controller Based Automatic Power Meter with Zigbee Wireless Communication
  • Wireless Fidelity Network Based Industrial Automation System
  • Wireless Language Translator in Airlines by Using Touch Screens with Zigbee Module
  • Access Control System without Inbuilt System by Using Bluetooth Device
  • Zigbee Network of Devices and Sensors Based High Efficiency Remote Control System and Intelligent Street Lighting System
  • Zigbee and GPRS Based Design of the Wireless Monitoring System of Solar LED Lamps

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